林 武文  角谷賢二 (関西大学)
Internal investigation of burial mounds using muography
– Fluoroscopic experiment at Takatsuki Imashirozuka Burial Mound in Osaka, Japan –
Takefumi Hayashi & Kenji Sumiya (Kansai University)

Muography is a technique for seeing through the crust and large structures using muons in cosmic rays. By using the third generation muography equipment with high resolution and short mesurement times, we have started an internal survey of Kofun in the Kinki area. This report presents the results of the fluoroscopic experiment of the Imashirozuka Burial Mound conducted from October 2019 to February 2020. The imaging results showed the internal dislocations created by past big earth quaqes, which showed the good agreement with the geological investigations performed so far. We confirmed that the muography measurement is very effective and will be applicable for the ancheology and history research as well.

(Muography, Cosmic ray fluoroscopy, Muon, Ancient burial mound, Internal survey, Nondestructive investigation)

電気学会研究会資料 知覚情報研究会 PI-20-049~055 , (2021)