Dara’s world in U.S.A.

Photo’s video of Spring Florida

Photo’s video of Sunset Moonrise

Prepared by Daravuth Seng in U.S.A.

【His Comments】

It’s very nice to hear from you(=Sumiya) as always. My skill in the landscape photography seems to improve after I am getting a new camera Nikon mirrorless Z6 with Z mount lens. Before I have shot with D810 and F mount lens. The gears are heavy which it’s not convenient to carry around to search for good composition places. I love my new gears now. The lens can cover from 24mm to 200mm so that I don’t need to switch the lens. The pictures with spring flowers and sunset were taken at Roger William park, Rhode Island. The pictures with bridges and sunset were taken at James Town, RI. The ones with peer and sea views were taken at Rocky Point state park where is about 5mn from my house.
Thanks for giving me a compliment by posting on your site. Please select the ones that you like.

I love landscape photography because it allows me to capture the beauty of the earth specially during the dawn and sunset.